You helped build the community you live in and you should have input into how it’s changing. Consultations shouldn’t just be for the privileged but accessible by you. We’re going to make it happen.

The Problem

As Toronto grows, it’s leaving people behind. It’s not just you — a lot of people who helped build their community are being driven out of them. All too often a few privileged voices dominate the conversation.

You want to participate in the discussion, but you’re busy. You might have small children, or an access barrier. Maybe you’re just exhausted because you work long hours just so you can afford to live in the City. Whatever the reason, you should be able to keep up with the issues and voice your concerns. Let’s Fix it.

Our Solution

During the pandemic, community consultations became largely virtual. Speaking to City planners over the past couple of years, this didn’t slow the process down. It actually accelerated it. We plan to build a more robust solution and expand this concept to make it a permanent solution.

Uncertainty also presents a risk. Too little information and people feel marginalized. We plan to supplement these meetings with our planning portal to help the public track their community issues with more precision.

Let’s turn uncertainty and fear into constructive feedback to help your communities thrive.