Why I’m Running For Toronto Mayor 

Like many of you, I’ve watched Toronto erode from its former glory. We’re seeing local businesses close permanently and residents priced out of the communities they built. Corruption has run rampant and more people are saying the streets feel unsafe. Toronto is no longer a great place to live, and if we don’t do something innovative we’ll watch more of our talent flee for cities that value them. We’re about to enter a recession, and our current leadership is complacent. They don’t view us as members of a community, just tax units to generate revenues. 

The system is broken, let’s fix it.

Toronto Is The City I’ve Always Called Home 

Toronto has and always will be my home. I’ve had the pleasure of growing up, going to school, and working right across the City. I currently reside in the City’s west end, but have called everywhere from Bay Street to Jane & Finch my community. I recognize each community, and the people in them, are unique. I remember what the City used to be like, and know we have so much untapped potential. With the right leadership, I know it can be fixed. 

I’ve built a few businesses, and the most recent is Better Dwelling, a housing news site. It’s played a significant role in driving policy discussion from Victoria to Taipei. It might not sound familiar, but in a few short years we’ve had an impact on nearly every Canadian by sparking national debates and shaping policy. We didn’t set out to do that, but we’re happy to help. 

Our Platform, Not My Platform 

Yes, our. Before running for office I wanted a deeper understanding of how and why things are breaking. This resulted in hundreds of hours of consultations. I spoke to community leaders, activists, city employees, academics, and government officials. I started conversations with everyone I could, on the issues that are driving their frustrations. Heck, I even contacted experts and governments in other cities, to see how they would solve some of these problems. 

I didn’t want a platform to solve just the issues I’m interested in, because only so many “cats in every home!” solutions will fly. I wanted solutions to address real problems our communities are facing. This isn’t my platform, it’s our platform. The work of dozens of people went into crafting these solutions that will improve our lives. 

Our policy plan primarily focuses on areas threatening our city and citizens. Issues most elected officials won’t discuss, and fewer understand. Issues that are driving our family, friends, and neighbours out of our city. Problems that deeply impact our communities, some that impact me as well. 

The issues I’m addressing are:

I’m also leveraging my expertise in data analysis and computer science for our Open Source City plan. I don’t just plan to solve these problems quickly, but also cost-effectively. We can create a system of unprecedented cooperation between cities. It’s not good enough to solve these problems, we never want them to happen again — here or in any city across Canada. 

Governments have tons of resources and talent. However, without effective management they won’t be effective. The system of governance is broken and it’s leaving our city behind. Let’s fix it. 

Still Not Sold I Can Deliver The Change You’re Looking For? 

I’ve never been a huge fan of talking about myself, but I have a track record as a high-impact performer. My skill set in computer science, finance, project management, and international sourcing are a broad and unique combination. Together it helps me understand and visualize problems in a way most people don’t consider. This can help us solve many of the problems we’re facing with a new approach. 

Over the past few years, I’ve gained tens of thousands of supporters — some of them high-profile leaders. If you’ve never heard of me, that might be surprising, but that’s likely because my high-impact accomplishments often happen behind the scenes. Not just when it comes to business, but my assistance in helping advance the discussion on improving affordability, the economy, and social progress. 

Some recent highlights: 

Still want more info on me, eh? My team and I used financial modeling to identify a significant money laundering source inflating Vancouver home prices — right down to the method and origination, before Canadian intelligence confirmed it. I founded an education startup that used artificial intelligence to address the shortfalls in early childhood education, and accelerate learning with the support of a Big Tech. My finance research has been cited in prestigious academic journals. I was named one of the most influential people in Finance & Risk by Thomson-Reuters. One of Canada’s most prominent finance columnists calls my company’s insights on housing a “must read.” Heck, I’ve even worked as an accomplished mass-market apparel designer

If you still want more, check out my media appearances. From housing to money laundering, to uncovering that butter sculptures are just pieces of plastic covered in butter — my day-to-day work seems to show up fairly regularly. 

I’m a Millennial, but don’t let my age fool you. I deliver results most people would consider a highlight of a life-long career, within a few years. 

But enough about me, let’s talk about you. Let’s talk about how I’m going to become the high-impact advocate to advance your quality of life and build a Toronto where you thrive. 

Check out our platform and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop me a message. 

Email, tweet me, or hit our team on facebook. Even if you’re not a supporter and plan on voting for another candidate, we’d like to have a discussion with any respectful person who has an issue we can solve.