Imagine living in a city where your government is innovative, transparent, collaborative, and actually solves problems. Where housing is affordable, neighbourhoods are safe, and technology keeps your services moving smoothly. Where the arts are championed, and people aren’t left behind. This is what you deserve.

The first step is admitting there’s a problem. 

There’s a common feeling of hopelessness from the changes our City has gone through in the past few years. Many businesses have closed, talented people are fleeing for more affordable communities, corruption has run rampant, and our city infrastructure has become strained. Our neighbours are wondering how they’ll pay their bills, and our communities don’t feel quite as safe as they once did. Our government staff is exhausted, and our economy is about to experience a pretty serious recession. The underlying frustration has reached a boiling point.

The Torontonians I speak to aren’t just tired, they are starting to feel like the path we’re going down is irreversible. This is not okay. 

Successes and failures stem from the top. Over the past few years we haven’t seen many successes. The new ‘Strong Mayor’ legislation will give whoever you elect as mayor much more power. We need to ensure whoever is in that seat has real, actionable, sustainable, solutions to fix our broken system. How leadership works with the community, the ideas they bring to the table for change, and ultimately the decisions they push forward, directly impact the people that live here. 

We need leadership that moves towards decisions that are right for the people who live here, not for their own interests, or the interests of their wealthy friends. 

Ideas without solutions are empty promises.

If we elect leadership with new ideas, a group of individuals that want to innovate, collaborate and build a better, smarter city—we can bring back opportunity. We can bring back our young talent, and we can make the City a place we all want to live. It starts with electing people who have well researched solutions to the problems. Your elected officials shouldn’t just be focused on figurehead roles and photo-ops. This is a job for someone who wants to do the work to solve complicated problems.

Without a clear path to logical solutions we will just maintain our current broken system. 

Collaboration is the key.

The following platform consists of well researched solutions to our most obvious problems. I’ve spent the last few weeks consulting community leaders, industry experts, and government employees on each, and have integrated their feedback every step of the way. Our city is made up of people with different political views, but your Mayor needs to set politics aside. When we remove bipartisanship, and focus on what’s right for the people who live here, we all win. 

These aren’t my ideas, these are our ideas. If we collaborate, we can build a better city. Click each box below to learn how we plan on rolling things out.